red series

The red series is a special collection of the ghosts, distinguished by a red mark on the left, a red slash between signature and number and above all the used images are collages of different photographs. For the ‘ghosts of ourselves’ we take just plain pictures, hardly touched by any program.

The idea behind the reds is to let some strangers participate in the art project and giving them the chance to fulfil it in their own way. Some months ago, we have started to send red ghosts to absolute randomly chosen people in the world. They haven’t asked for it and we don’t know anything about them. The only rule is, just one red ghost for every country. And over time we will send a tile in every single country of the world. There is a leaflet on board, so we hope that the receivers will do something with the ghosts and share it with us. Even if they just put it on their mantelshelf or throw it into the trash, we’re longing for a video or at least a photo.

That’s the theory. Nothing has happened, nobody has answered so far. Customs? Ignorance? Lost? We don’t know it, but we will keep on sending. Sometimes failure is the greatest art.